Thursday, December 01, 2011

Useful VoiP Phone


I keep looking for a good VoiP phone and cannot find one. I want one that has the options that I need.


Very simple: Can use Skype or Google Voice (I do not need the other services that are NOT free), can import my full contact list from both services (and hopefully my smartphone too) without limit (I am tired to hear that I can only import 50 contacts), it is in color so I can easily distinguish my status and other stuff, it allows for multiple users, -of course- it does not requires a computer, it actually does not damage in any way my wi-fi connection, it does not cost more than $100, it has a speakerphone, it is wireless with good technology so it does not interfere with other devices in my home/office, provides the option to stay logged-in.


Lets assume that of all Skype Users (600M) 10% uses Skype-In and need a Skype phone. That means there is a potential customer base of 60M x $100 per phone that is US$6B in a very rough (like always) market size.