Friday, July 01, 2011

Post Mortem e-Services


In this new era of emails, accounts and passwords, I feel that there is a need to share key account information with my family if something happens to me. A lot of my important posessions are in an internet account of some sort and not in my apartment. The vague idea that something could happen to me without being able to share the password to this 'memory' e-vault is daunting.


It would be a very basic application that let you set up the account information (login and passwords) that you want to share with your love ones. It may be customizable so you can share certain information with some but not others. The service would be pretty simple, it would ask you every X number of weeks/months if you are still alive. If you don't respond in Y number of weeks/months, the application would run itself sharing the information that you wanted with the people that you wanted. The information could be anything from legal documents (will) to just random files/info (login/passwords, photos, etc).


This would be a subscription model. The user would pay for it monthly until you not longer need the app (i.e. you are dead). I thought about 'death' as the logical milestone event but this could be use in other ways too (I just haven't thought about them... yet). You can probably charge $1 per month for this service (I would definitively pay $12 a year for it). Not sure about how many people would buy it but I'm sure it could become a very nice lifestyle business.

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