Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Crunchbase for Colombia Startups and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


I have been talking with @vickyricaurte, InnPulsa, MinTic and Wayra Colombia about the critical need of understanding our tech-based entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colombia. We do not have a clear map of the entire system. We do not know:

  1. Which are the STARTUPS in this space in Colombia
  2. What are the ACCELERATOR programs that could potentially support these startups
  3. Who are the INVESTORS interested in this space


Basically we need a platform that is crowdsourced similar to a CrunchBase (CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.). Of course we need a platform in Spanish with certain traction at the beginning. 

I was hoping someone reading this blog will love to start this project with Vicky and I. We promise it won´t take too much time. It is probably something that we can start in our spare time. If you are interested please write a comment below.


Hmm... this one is probably for the good of humanity, unless we can build something like TechCrunch around it. We can use TechCrunch as a proxy adjusting for the fact that TechCrunch´s market is the US and our platform´s market would be Colombia. AOL purchased TechCrunch for US$30M and Colombia´s GDP is around 2% of the USA´s GDP, then our platform if it has a successful blog attached to it can be worth US$600K (Wow!). In conclusion, this one is probably for the good of Colombia. Uhh! maybe we can get some seed money from the government (¿?)...