Wednesday, February 01, 2012

UrGift.In is Born


Who is not tired of getting gifts that they do not want for their birthdays or special occasions (e.g. Xmas)? I have had some embarrassed moments in my life when I have regifted something to the same person that gave me the present in the first time. Can we try to coordinate ourselves (i.e. friends and family) so we all know what each other wants for their bdays and special occassions like a wedding registry?


Connect friends a family through Facebook and share with all of them a wishlist. Have a website or app where people can be reminded of their friend´s special occasions. Through the same website or app people can buy whatever there is in the wishlist. Have a reliable logistic partner deliver the gift. Communicate the process so there is social benefits for both sides.


The gift industry is $200B in the US. Just capturing a small % of this market would represent a big opportunity. Clearly I need to refine more my numbers for this one.