Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Protest Network

[UpdateD: FEB 2013]

I recently remember this post. I want to complain about Avianca, the Colombian Airline, so much lately. Imagine that Avianca has prohibited the use of mobile devices in its flights even when the smartphone is on airplane mode. I understand this prohibition when you are taking off or landing but when you are cruising, it is illogical. I am sure Avianca´s business travelers are pretty upset about this rule (if they are actually following the rule). What seems illogical for me is how can Avianca survive with this rule if most airlines survive because of their business travelers. I am guessing that having a quasi-monopoly in the country helps somehow.



I feel that there is a need for a platform where you can collect complains about anything. I know there are bulletin boards and FB pages, but can we make something better. Something focus on just that (like Quora that launched last year)


Something that has been design so people can find different type of complains by theme, author, geography, company, etc. Probably it has to start by focusing on something so i will suggest starting with business complaints. Right now the way these type of complaints are communicated are through social media in a very disorganized way or in random discussion boards. I feel that there is a market for this platform after looking at several FB pages that are created just to complain or protest about something. Of course this platform will have a f-connect or other links to successful social networks to make it relevant.


I feel that it can have the same potential that trip advisor but for other type of businesses. The business model would probably be a subscription fee charged to businesses to monitor the complaints in the website and create some type of dashboard for them. In terms of business model I am guessing some type of freemium model. Probably starting the paid subscription for large business at $2000 a year. I am thinking that each sales rep can manage 100 accounts so charging $2k will give us a margin of 50% after expenses. I may be off given that I truly door understand the willingness to pay of large businesses for this type of services but I feel that this amount may be reasonable if we offer true value.