Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tablet Car Stereo

[Update: March 2012]

Clearly somebody is listening. Good luck Devium and Thank you Kickstarter for getting Devium up:

[Originally Posted: Sep 2011]


I think we are all tired of not being able to use our smartphone or tablet as our car stereo. I have all my music in my mobile device, all my contact list, everything that I need. Now you are asking me to plug my mobile device to the car system through a simple cable? You are providing me with another screen on my car? Why? I already have a screen, a large screen -actually- if you look at my ipad. Why? I just want to be able to plug my iPad into the dash of my car. Plane and simple.


Develop a box that can be installed in any car that would allow for mobile devices to be plug in. The end result is that the screen of the mobile device will be flat to the dashboard of the car. It is not a cable or something that holds my iPad. It ends up being my car stereo with ALOT more capabilities than my regular GPS/Car Stereo.


Let assume that you can charge individuals or car manufacturers something like $20 for each box. There are 50M cars sold a year. That is a US$1B market. Not bad.