Friday, January 15, 2016

New incubation model

I have been thinking about the incubation and acceleration model and I think there could be a way to improve the process. Imagine if you could crowdsource different parts of the startup creation process. For example you have a crowdsource platform that measures what are the different needs of the participants. Then you have other users that provide ideas on how to solve those needs. Then you have a founder bank that get assign to ideas that they feel passionate about.


  1. Platform that has link popular needs to business ideas
  2. Founding team (one biz one tech) gets approve
  3. Selects idea from bank that is passionate about
  4. Gets financing $100-200K for a year.
  5. Need to make it work (specific metrics, KPIs for traction) in a year 
  6. If it doesn't achieve that it gets zero. If achieves the team gets 50% 

Just in crunchbase there are 55K investors and the top 50 investors have already made 30K investments.

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